Little Star's Outdoor Areas

Our Little Sparkles Outdoor Area

Our Little Sparkles Outdoor Area

Safe and Happy from the Start

A soft multi-weather surface allows us to use the whole of the outdoor space at all times and in all weathers. We also have a road way for the children to ride their cars and bikes.


Our Covered Play Area

Our Covered Play area means we can play outside without getting wet although a bit of rain never stops us - we have sufficient wet weather trousers and coats for all our children. Everything we do indoors can be done outdoors.


Safe Outdoors

We have safety matting which is brilliant as it is soft for the babies to crawl along.The building in the background of our photo is the Haltwhistle/West Tynedale Sure Start Centre which shares a campus with Haltwhistle Little Star, along with Haltwhistle First School, creating a friendly and bustling environment for our children.


Our Adventure Area

Imaginations can run riot in our outdoor area. Our children helped in the creation of this area - we have our very own African hut and willow tunnel, together with large tractor tyres.


The Kinder Van

Our unique kinder van is an unusual and highly enjoyable means of transport for all our babies and enables them to travel safely together on walks around the town. Look out for the kinder-van around the streets of Haltwhistle and don't forget to wave back at the babies!