Little Sparkles

0 to 2 years 6 months

Little Sparkles

Safe and Happy from the Start

Little Sparkles is the separate area of Haltwhistle Little Star nursery that is dedicated to our children aged under two and a half years. It is divided into a quiet area providing rest, and a safe stimulating area for playing with a wide range of toys appropriate for their needs in a colourful, cosy and warm environment.


Your child's key worker

We have a key worker system giving each member of staff in the Little Sparkles unit particular responsibility for just a few children, so right from the beginning your child has one special adult to relate to which makes settling into the group easier while maintaining a close and personal link with you as a parent or carer. Your child will be under the care of our highly trained and professional team of nursery assistants.


Planning for every individual child

Every day at Little Sparkles is planned to suit each individual child: whether that be a sleep in the morning or the afternoon, a bottle feed or a cup, your child's individual needs will be catered for. We have a delightful sleep room for your child to rest in at any time of the day and there is of course a designated changing area and separate areas for snacks and lunch. The children will also spend some part of their day, along with their key workers, with the older children so that they can experience sharing activities with them and thus enabling them to socialise with other children.


Working with you and your child

As with other age groups in the nursery, in addition to providing full daycare for your baby or toddler we also provide morning sessions from 8am to 1pm and afternoon sessions from 1pm to 6pm. We provide breakfast, home made lunches,teas and snacks throughout the day and can also provide cows milk for baby bottles in conjunction with whatever formula milk or baby food you wish to provide for your child. From the first day, our staff will fill in a daily home/nursery book telling you exactly what your child has had to drink and eat, when their nappy was changed, when they have slept, any developmental achievements and what they have done during the day. You are also welcome to add your own comments.